2020 BMW Pickup Truck will be made of quality materials

Pickup truck segment is getting diversified with time and the demand for luxury-focused pickup trucks is growing with time. After Tesla announcing its move to release an electric pickup and Mercedes Benz taking the veils of X Class, more brands are likely to hop on the bandwagon. The arch-rival of Mercedes Benz aka BMW may actually make a luxury truck in near future that will be called from some rumors 2020 BMW Pickup Truck.

The iconic German luxury carmaker as neither admitted the possibility nor denied it entirely. However, some rendered images appear on the web and indicate how this model may look.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck front

2020 BMW Pickup Truck developments so far

Marc Wegner, the MD of BMW Australia reverted to the query of the company making a truck by saying- ‘never say never!’ The company also termed the rival company’s attempt at making a luxury pickup as appalling. However, the company has also admitted the prospect of development in the luxury UTE sector.

Ram has its lavish Laramie trim for luxury-focused buyers while GMC Canyon Denali also offers enough luxury features in a compact truck’s body. So, BMW may finally get into pickup truck production- though the exact timing is too early to predict.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck interior

2020 BMW Pickup Truck design possibilities

Since a 2020 BMW pickup truck is at speculative stage, it is hard to say how the final styling will be like. Mercedes Benz made the X Class on the popular Nissan Navara platform. So, BMW is unlikely to borrow design from that. It may tie up with companies like Toyota and make a truck based on a style of popular Toyota Hilux. It may also base the truck on its popular crossovers like X5. At any rate, the truck will have typical BMW styling traits like kidney bean type grille and sleek LED headlamps. It may get skid plate underneath. Like VW Amarok, it may be laden with a roof rack. It is not clear which bed type will be used by BMW.

The cabin of 2020 BMW pickup truck will be made with superior quality materials and dashboard layout will be similar to the SUVs made by the company. It will have 4 seats inside the BMW is likely to use top noise insulation tech to ensure a quiet ride. The cabin may get real wood trim and perforated leather seats. The steering wheel may also get a coat of leather.

Safety and amenities

The upcoming BMW model will get a lot of modern safety features and plenty of amenities to take on rivals. The amenities may include a sunroof, Surround sound setup, ambient lighting and multi-zone climate control.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck side

2020 BMW Pickup Truck engine choices

The upcoming 2020 BMW pickup truck may use a powerful engine borrowed from the X7 or X5 crossover. However, the company may also go for a new hybrid engine. The X5 xDrive40e has a PHEV setup which may be tweaked for use in a truck as well.

An AWD setup and an eight-speed automatic transmission gearbox can be used with the engines.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck rear

2020 BMW Pickup Truck price and availability

The price of 2020 BMW pickup truck is unknown but it is expected to be around $55.000 or so. The release date can be sometimes in late 2019 or early 2020.

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