2019 Chevy El Camino Release Date, Price

The use of the automobile has been extensive throughout the world after the advent of industrial revolution back in the 19th century. With the changing times, the automobile genre has evolved quite big and spread out its roots in different sectors giving rise to different kinds of models, such as sedans, SUVs, sports cars, vans, trucks, hatchbacks and many more. But nowadays despite many cries over specialization, people still want all in one type of commodity. This idea gave birth to the crossover breed of cars by the automobile manufactures. However, the all-new 2019 Chevy El Camino offers plenty of upgrades on its previous version. This model is confident enough to make the rivals run for their money.

One of the most popular crossover vehicles of the western continent is the pickup truck. It is now spreading its wings all over the globe and the makers are making midsize truck crossovers with SUVs and another ilk. The GMC or the General Motor Company of USA is a giant in the industry and has many franchises. Chevrolet is one of the most famous franchise brands of GMC, popular for their stylish vehicles. To make the pickup trucks more stylish they made fruitful efforts to launch the El Camino pickup truck model a few years back. It was a runaway hit. Furthermore, the reason is simple; this pickup truck is based on a sports car model.

2019 Chevy El Camino front

2019 Chevy El Camino exterior will keep the same retro style

The 2019 Chevrolet El Camino has also one of the most attractive trim in the whole pickup truck genre that has a great external appearance with elongated sedan type bonnet, a single wide cab and an exquisite trailer bed which covers up to present a fullscape view of a sports car. The aerodynamics of El Camino is off the charts and the front diligent grilles with adjacent headlights make it very pacey.

The wheels are broad and the ground clearance is lower than general pickup models facilitating high-speed maneuvers. The exterior lighting is built in with directional tech and LED. The bumpers are reinforced and customized.

2019 Chevy El Camino side

2019 Chevy El Camino interior will be futuristic

The interior of the cab is also awesome with two comfortable leather seats. Unfortunately, we don’t have images at this moment. But from rumors, the leg space is very spacious and the driver’s cockpit is stacked up with button panels and latest infotainment LED touchscreen panels. The dashboard is broad, the space between seats is wide with armrest and the internal ambient lighting makes the cabin very futuristic.

Some of the main features of 2019 Chevy El Camino are collision mitigation system, cruise control, climate control, blind spot & parking sensors, surround camera, sound system, Android or iOS integration and many more.

2019 Chevy El Camino engine

2019 Chevy El Camino engine

The powertrain of 2019 Chevy El Camino is very steadfast and offers great speed drive. The engine under the hood of the new model from rumors will be 6.2 liters V8 turbocharged. Furthermore, it can muster up approximately 455 HP. This unit is also under the hood of the Chevy Corvette model.

This engine comes with an electric 455 lb-ft torque. The car has an all wheel drive feature with 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox. Furthermore, there is also a rumor that this year model can get one more engine 3.6-liter V6 unit. This engine is capable to make 340 horsepower.

2019 Chevy El Camino

2019 Chevy El Camino price and availability

The newest model 2019 Chevy El Camino will be available at all Ex-Showrooms from the end of 2018. Furthermore, some experts saying that will get a price starting from $30.000.

Summing it up

Chevrolet are promising a utility sporting adventure feel in a pickup truck for the people willing to buying the brand new 2019 Chevy El Camino.

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