2019 Chevy Kodiak HD 4500 Spied Testing

The pickup trucks are operating on the roads of the western countries for more than several decades. Now their infectious utility has spread all over the whole globe and these are being used by everyone, both business world and common world alike. The pickup trucks range from heavy duty to midsize and from utility to recreational duty. Anyways each and every one of these truck is very popular and handy among the people. The General Motor Company of United States of America is one of the forerunners in manufacturing a wide variety of pickup trucks. The Chevrolet car franchise of GMC commonly known as Chevy is an expert shelter for manufacturing every kind of pickup trucks. The latest from the car shed is the upcoming 2019 Chevy Kodiak HD 4500.

The Kodiak model debut a few years back and has acclaimed quite a name in the industrial sector for its heavy-duty and fast-paced performance. Staying true to its mettle Chevy has upgraded the previous model with more features to present the buyers an all-new 2019 Chevy Kodiak HD 4500 that will appease all of their need and still offer more.

2019 Chevy Kodiak front

2019 Chevy Kodiak HD 4500 redesign

The all-new 2019 Chevy Kodiak HD 4500 is a medium size heavy-duty pickup truck. The configuration and structure of this pickup truck are quite sturdy. It can perform quite smoothly with heavy payloads in rugged terrains.

The front of the Kodiak is very similar to a truck with Silverado styled LED headlights. It is also has imprinted front grille. The lighting is quite astute with running daylight, customized night & fog lamps, traffic & sensor indicators and lastly a pair of bright taillights.

2019 Chevy Kodiak headlights

The aerodynamics of this model is great and the wheelbase is inspired for wide SUV models. The interior design of Kodiak is very lucid yet full of features. The cabin lighting, air conditioning, and also seating are quite modest and comfortable.

The dashboard is very simple without high-tech touch. However, it is integrated with semiautomatic touch-button panels for opting different in-cabin and all-car amenities.

Amenities and safety features

The newest 2019 Chevy Kodiak HD 4500 has also many features in store for the buyers. The bed is weather resistant and with innovative tailgate tech.

Apart from this the cruise control feature, parking & traffic sensors, safety airbags, climate control, blind spot sensing and also many more are to be found in the pickup truck.

2019 Chevy Kodiak

2019 Chevy Kodiak HD 4500 engine and towing capacity

The powertrain of 2019 Chevy Kodiak HD 4500 is quite boastful. It runs on a 6.0 liters V8 cylinder petrol-electric engine that builds up a power of about 360 HP and the torque of 390 lb-ft makes acceleration & max speed reach very fluent.

Furthermore, the mileage is modest and the latest edition will have an auto transmission with a minimum 6-speed gearbox. The newest model is capable to easily tow load over 20,000 pounds.

2019 Chevy Kodiak look

2019 Chevy Kodiak HD 4500 price and availability

The price of 2019 Chevy Kodiak HD 4500 will be around $40.000. It will be also available at all Ex-Showrooms form the second quarter of 2018. We expect much more modifications and tech in the final version. However, with some equipment extra the price will rise easily to $50,000.

Summing it up

The all-new 2019 Chevy Kodiak HD 4500 will excite the people and present them with an all-purpose utility stylish ride for every drive.

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