2019 Fiat Toro Redesign, Price

Pickup trucks are reining the market on the global stage. It is more useful than a regular minivan, a mini truck, a sedan or any other type of midsized vehicle. It is an actual crossbreed of style and heavy duty. All other types of cars have only used in the transportation of people but for a pickup truck, it also concerns transportation of payloads thus extending its reaches from the domestic level to commercial level. Fiat ad its associate Chrysler has made leaps and bound in marketing their pickup trucks in South America. One of the most famous pickup truck is back with the updated version called 2019 Fiat Toro.

The pickup trucks have been in the use for quite some decades now in the western countries but now it is rippling across the globe. The different automakers have their pickup trucks spread over a particular area. In case of the Italian automobile giants The Fiat, that ground is in South America. 2019 Fiat Toro side

2019 Fiat Toro Exterior is stylish and re-engineered

The Toro is very popular in the countries of the South American continent and has offered a great deal of utility at affordable prices. The main motto of Fiat is to rejuvenate the model with upgradation to meet up with the expectations of the people and the market, thus the introduction of the latest 2019 Fiat Toro. Fiat is looking to monopolize the pickup truck market of South America with its latest Toro.

The 2019 Fiat Toro is a not very much alike to the previous version. The new Toro is very stylish with re-engineered front grille and strong bumpers. The LED headlights are very alluring with the slanted running type of molding. The rear taillights are also very attractive. The aerodynamics of the car is quite smooth with hovering surface and the trailer bed is especially sturdy. It is very spacious and weatherproof.

2019 Fiat Toro Interior comes with the ambient lighting

The interior of the cabin is very spacious with four doors and five comfortable seats. The ambient light and dual air conditioning inside the cab makes traveling very relaxing. The driver’s cockpit is fully functional with latest driving tools. The dashboard is loaded with features and a very modern touchscreen infotainment panel.

There will be a lot of fancy feature in the all-new 2019 Fiat Toro pickup truck like GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, Android or iOS integration, roof window, sound system with subwoofer, rainwater sensors, level adjusting servo control and many more. Thanks to features like a rearview camera, electric stability control, traction control and side beams this model of a pickup truck is very safety.

2019 Fiat Toro interior

2019 Fiat Toro will offer two engine variants

The powertrain of 2019 Toro Pickup Truck is very proficient. It comes with the power output of 170 HP is expected to be generated from 2.0 liters V16 Multijet diesel engine. The torque will be quite complementary to the power.

The new Toro will have a front wheel drive system or all-wheel drive with 6-speed automatic transmission gearbox or the new nine automatic transmissions. However, there is also a rumor that will offer one more engine 1.8L flex that will make 139 HP.

Acceleration Time and Towing Capacity

With the strongest engine, the newest 2019 Fiat Toro model will accelerate in 10 sec from zero to 60 mph and its top speed is 117 miles. As for to the towing capacity, this model will be able to maximum tow 2000 pounds.

2019 Fiat Toro rear

2019 Fiat Toro Availability and Price

The 2019 Toro Pickup Truck will be available in all Fiat Ex-Showrooms from the start of 2019 and at a price around$30.000. The higher trim will add $5000 to the base price.

Summing it up

Fiat promises a stylish yet modest drive to its customers with the latest 2019 Toro Pickup Truck. It comes with two engine variants and will offer plenty of tech in the cabin. Also, it is a very safe pickup truck.

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