2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup Spotted During The Road Testing In Scandinavia

Fiat is building a pickup truck. Yes, you heard it right. The 2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup was snapped during the latest testing, completely covered. The upcoming pickup is based on the Fiat Mobi, compact and economical hatchback produced in South America. Just like its smaller predecessor, Mobi Pickup should make an instant impact in South America, mainly Brazil.

The new 2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup will be smaller than the Toro model, also produced in Brazil. Newest spy shots are showing very little, it is almost impossible to create an idea of how this pickup could look. From those photos, we can conclude it is a smaller pickup. Newest rumors are saying Mobi will borrow the platform from the Fiorino model. Moreover, it will also borrow two engine choices and the transmission.

2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup

2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup Is Based On The Fiat Fiorino Model

The forthcoming 2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup was spotted during the road testing in Scandinavia. Fiat’s engineers clearly had the intention to show nothing. And they made it. So many black body claddings are showing literally nothing underneath. The prototype vehicle looks like a black box and nothing else.

Now, let’s jump into conclusions and speculations. It is a compact pickup truck that is based on the Mobi hatchback model. Surely, pickup truck variant will be longer than the hatchback version, but not significantly. Italian carmaker added a bed to a smaller car, literally. Latest rumors are suggesting that new Mobi pickup will be based on its hatchback twin and Fiat Fiorino model. Whatsoever, Mobi will borrow Fiorino’s platform, and possibly engines.

2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup interior

2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup Interior Styling

The exterior is a mystery but at least we can create an image in our minds and imagine how the 2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup could look like. On the other hand, the interior is a complete mystery. Literally, Italian carmaker provided zero details about the Mobi’s cabin. The hatchback Mobi is a five-door model with a room for five passengers and it offers not that ample cabin space.

The pickup will surely depart from the hatchback variant when it comes to interior. We can expect similar or the same styling, similar dashboard and interior layout. However, we don’t know anything about the interior features, level of comfort or anything else. Since Mobi Pickup should represent the practical and affordable model, we don’t expect something luxurious and spectacular.

2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup side

2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup Powertrain Info

Now when we know the 2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup will use the same platform as the Fiat Fiorino van we can conclude it will also borrow the same engines. Fiorino is offering a 1.4-liter four-cylinder unit that generates 88 HP and a 1.3-liter three-cylinder that returns 109 horsepower. Both engines are offering a five-speed manual transmission, but a 1.3-liter engine comes with the optional six-speed automatic gearbox. Mobi Pickup will borrow at least one of those two units, probably a stronger 1.3-liter engine.

On the other hand, this pickup could also arrive with something more powerful that provides a higher level of horses and torque. However, the reality is that the Mobi Pickup will represent a practical model with a simple purpose. With that in mind, don’t expect a workhorse that can tow and haul heavier things with ease.

2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup rear

2020 Fiat Mobi Pickup Price and Release Date

According to our sources, Fiat Mobi Pickup will arrive in South America in the first quarter of 2020. The same source is saying Mobi Pickup most likely won’t arrive in the United States. It does make sense, after all, U.S. market is packed with premium pickup trucks. Italian carmaker didn’t say anything about the pricing details, unfortunately.

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