2019 Ford Super Chief Review, Price

This year is going to be an exciting year for pickup truck fans. Almost all of the carmakers are introducing new models in light and heavy-duty segments. Ford is no different and it will introduce the new 2019 Ford Super Chief.

Ford Super Chief started as a concept called Ford F-250 Super Chief and it was presented twelve years ago. In 2006, this pickup created huge excitement in this segment with its appearance, the design was unique and attractive. Now, everyone is waiting for the Super Chief’s comeback, and the new model will sport an aggressive and scary exterior design, modern interior and great performance.

2019 Ford Super Chief front

2019 Ford Super Chief Exterior gets a unique styling

There is a huge possibility that the Ford will defer from original concept when it comes to the exterior design. On the other hand, stylish design with plenty of amenities is something we all expect. The 2019 Super Chief will arrive with 79 inches of ground clearance and with a boxy shape, especially at the front.

The front is typical Ford-design with a new chrome grille, LED headlights and fog lamps. Front bumper suffered heavy chrome work, just like a pair of large exhaust pipes. The 21-inch wheels are standard, and there should be a couple of more options, depending on trim levels that are yet to be announced. A “Super Chief” emblem is placed at the top of the hood. Overall, this truck reminds us a lot of F-250 model, but it carries some unique styling cues that we didn’t see before.

2019 Ford Super Chief interior

2019 Ford Super Chief Interior looks attractive and futuristic

The interior of an all-new 2019 Ford Super Chief is both sleek and stylish. Features such as wood trim, leather seats, dual-zone climate control and even a sunroof are all included. The cabin is quiet thanks to plenty of insulating materials and the cabin is big enough to fit up to five passengers.

The comfort is great for a pickup segment, and the weight is reduced thanks to brushed aluminum materials. The luxury is boost even more with an optional wooden floor and premium leather materials that sit on the seats and the steering wheel. HVAC system for temperature regulation is available as standard and the dash adds a new 8-inch touchscreen. TFT displays on the instrument panels are available too, and the 2019 Super Chief offers some high-tech features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB ports and satellite navigation.

2019 Ford Super Chief interior view

2019 Ford Super Chief Engine and Output Details

The most likely powertrain option for the 2019 Ford Super Chief is a 6.8-liter V10 engine. While nothing is official yet, we will take a closer look at this engine. This unit comes with 30 valves and it delivers up to 550 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Ford Super Chief engine

Thanks to a tri-flex filling framework, the new Super Chief can run on three different sorts of gas. Furthermore, a smart switch system allows the driver to change from E85 ethanol to a hydrogen fuel. This truck is by 12% more efficient when running on hydrogen. A six-speed automatic transmission is available.

2019 Ford Super Chief side

2019 Ford Super Chief Price and Date of Arrival

This four-door truck will cost somewhere around $64,000. Trim levels are not released yet, but we can expect more luxurious models that are more expensive than the base model. The forthcoming 2019 Ford Super Chief will arrive later this year.

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