2019 Ford Super Duty Diesel, Specs, Rumors

Ford has been a dominating name in the world of pick-up trucks for a very long time indeed. The pickup truck genre is one of the most used car types in the western countries and has become a household name over the past several decades. The Ford has been in the production sector of pickup trucks for a long time and has many varieties of pickup truck models. Out of these many models, one of the models which are best suited for heavy-duty performance is known as the Ford Super Duty. The 2019 Ford Super Duty would be bringing whole new visual as well as mechanical changes into the super duty segment of Ford pick-up trucks.

The making of the car is another proof of the fact that Ford is harboring plans of bringing about some massive changes in its segment in the years to follow. The changes are likely to be seen in engine types, trims and most probably also in the design of the car. The 2019 Ford Super Duty is very large and highly robust having enhanced & improved lines and edges than ever before. The US carmaker is trying their best and heart out to be as innovative as possible and astonish their customers with a big bang when they eventually launch the Ford Super Duty 2019.

2019 Ford Super Duty front

2019 Ford Super Duty exterior is more robust than before

The 2019 Ford Super Duty is one of the most robust models in pickup truck genre. The bulging exterior of the all-new 2019 Ford Super Duty is one of the representative aspects of its heavy-duty nature. The front bonnet is bigger and rectangular than other versions. The front grille has been reinforced by parallel opaque slides. The digitally efficient headlights and tailgate lights help to make the ride brighter and safer. The aerodynamics of the pickup truck is also great.

The ground clearing is same as the previous version but the wheelbase of the 2019 Ford Super Duty is greater than all till date. The trailer trunk comes with a heavy payload support and a weather resistant trailer trunk. This is the main performance confirmation feature of the new 2019 Ford Super Duty.

2019 Ford Super Duty side

2019 Ford Super Duty interior redesign and safety

The pickup truck has a very comfortable and spacious cabin with the 4×2 seating arrangement. The cabin has ambient lighting and air-conditioning. The dashboard comes with a latest driving equipment for easing the driving experience. The infotainment screens and the technological panels are fitted with semi-automatic button and touch systems.

There are many special features in the all-new 2019 Ford Super Duty. Some of it are adaptable cruise control, climate control, 360-degree surround camera, super suspensions, SYNC 3 infotainment support, traffic and parking assists, Pro-trailer assist and many more. The new model will be available as a regular cab, SuperCab and Crew Cab. Furthermore, it also has multiple bed lengths and two or four-wheel drive system. Also, there are seven trim levels: XL, STX, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum and Limited.

2019 Ford Super Duty engine

2019 Ford Super Duty engine comes with 925 lb-ft of torque

The 2019 Ford Super Duty has one of the most powerful powertrains in the whole genre. The engine is a modern one diesel with a 6.7 liters V8 cylinders containing under-hood.

The power generated by this engine is 450 HP and the acceleration is also high due to 925 lb-ft of torque. It is able to go from 0 to 60 mph in 6,7 sec. The pickup truck has an all-wheel drive and has an 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox. However, it will also be offered with one more engine 6.2-liter V8. This one is capable to produce 385 horsepower at 430 lb-ft of torque. Both models will get a 48-gallon fuel tank and one should be no concern about range anxiety. Top speed is governor limited to 98 mph. Combined fuel economy is not that good 13 mpg.

Towing capacity

The type of engine that comes with a 925 lb-ft of torque will give impressive 34,000-pound max tow rating. However, other models in the Super Duty lineup will get 15,000 and 18,000 pounds when properly equipped.

The new model will also get features like AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, Trailer Sway Control and there is optional 7-camera trailer-tow camera system that includes a handy 360-degree camera.

2019 Ford Super Duty rear

2019 Ford Super Duty price and availability

The brand new 2019 Ford Super Duty will be available in all exclusive Ford showrooms from the end of 2018. Its base price starting from $33.700.

Summing it up

The upcoming 2019 Ford Super Duty is a grand pickup truck that can provide for both heavy duties working performance and a luxurious ride in all conditions for everyone. It also comes with great engine output and good price.

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