2020 Isuzu D-Max will be more feature-rich

The Japanese carmaker is working on the next generation of D-Max pickup truck. The 2020 Isuzu D-Max will arrive with some refreshments that will surely improve the versatility of this pickup. The exterior looks modern and the interior is very inviting. Furthermore, the price is affordable as D-Max offers powerful engine and guaranteed off-roading capabilities.

Isuzu will try to focus on the interior, but some of the premium features are still missing. However, expect a great level of comfort and quiet ride. The 2020 Isuzu D-Max enters a new generation, however, the current engine will most likely remain. A 3.0-liter diesel engine is providing good fuel economy and good horsepower figures. On the other hand, most of the customers are still hoping for one, stronger, optional powertrain.

2020 Isuzu D-Max front

2020 Isuzu D-Max upgrades

You may expect that the new generation will bring significant upgrades, but that is not the case this time. The 2020 Isuzu D-Max will offer the same number of trims and both shape and dimensions will stay intact. Of course, some of the upgrades are visible and the general look is stylish and modern. We like the mix of rounder approach and sharper edges.

Up front, the bumper is slightly larger and the headlights are completely new. The grille adds more chrome accents than before. 21-inch aluminum wheels are still standard and new tires are now in the offer. The rear part will stay intact, but overall, the aerodynamics are better now, which should slightly boost the fuel economy.

2020 Isuzu D-Max interior

2020 Isuzu D-Max interior comfort is pretty high

As we already wrote, Isuzu will completely move its focus to the interior design. The third-generation D-Max will deliver one of the best cabins in its class. Level of comfort is pretty high and the technology department is good. Unfortunately, the 2020 Isuzu D-Max is still missing more premium features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The current model offers good comfort but the difference between the first and second row is significant.

Literally, the focus was solely on the front seats. Now, the things are about to change. With that in mind, the rear seats will now sport a much better level of comfort. The interior room is ample which includes both legroom and headroom. There will be two different bed sizes and D-Max will arrive in two and four-door body styles.

2020 Isuzu D-Max engine

2020 Isuzu D-Max powertrain options

We all hoped for the new powertrain choice but that will not happen. The 2020 Isuzu D-Max will enter in the third generation with the same 3.0-liter diesel engine. This engine is capable of producing up to 180 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque.

However, the U.S. markets will get a 2.4-liter gasoline option that is generating 125 horses and 155 lb-ft of torque. Both engines will offer 6-speed automatic transmission. Isuzu claims the new engine is likely only in the off-road variant if it appears anyway.

2020 Isuzu D-Max rear

2020 Isuzu D-Max price and release date

The 2020 Isuzu D-Max comes with a price that starts at $35,000. New-generation won’t raise the price significantly, but upper trims will cost up to $50,000. This pickup truck will go on sale at the beginning of 2020. The end of March is the most likely date.

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