2019 Volkswagen Atlas sports muscular design

A pickup truck that is based on the VW Atlas SUV is a great idea. Exactly that is the most likely outcome as the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas will hit the markets next year. This pickup will be based on the SUV model that carries the same nameplate. It means the pickup will get an astonishing interior design with the numerous safety and driving assistance systems. The exterior will be SUV-like but in the truck form and the powerful engine under the hood is what we all anticipate.

The payload is another strong point of the Atlas pickup. Moreover, expect good tow rating and great fuel economy figures. This is still a concept that should transform into the final product at some point in 2019. A mid-size pickup that delivers modern interior, pleasing exterior, and efficient performance.

2020 Volkswagen Atlas front

2019 Volkswagen Atlas exterior design and dimensions

The concept showed us a long wheelbase pickup that will compete in the mid-size segment. Wheelbase is 128.1 inches long and the overall truck’s length is 214 inches. That is 15 inches longer than the SUV model. With those numbers, the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas is very close to the full-size model. The exterior will sport muscular design and wide stance.

Plenty of aggressive cues are visible and we like those 20-inch aluminum wheels. Generally, the exterior looks stylish, the front end hosts LED headlights and wide grille. The rear will also benefit from the LED taillights and the gorgeous tailgate. Literally, everything is taken from the SUV model and some features are larger as this is a pickup.

2020 Volkswagen Atlas interior

2019 Volkswagen Atlas interior gets a stylish infotainment system

The interior will look almost the same as the interior of the Atlas SUV. That includes the overall design and layout of buttons and controls. The cabin is pleasing and comfortable. The dashboard will sport illuminated bar that matches perfectly with the ambient lighting that is optional. Thanks to that, night driving feels great. Moreover, the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas will offer numerous driving modes. With that in mind, the ambient light will glow yellow when the city drive mode is turned on.

Blue light is glowing during the off-road mode. The latest infotainment system is standard and the center console will look literally the same as on the SUV model. The concept is showing us high seating position up front and plenty of upscale materials. That includes optional leather upholstery and all of the seats are very comfortable. The cabin can accommodate up to five passengers.

2020 Volkswagen Atlas engine

2019 Volkswagen Atlas powertrain info

When you create a pickup truck that is based on the SUV model, you’ll have to pay attention if the SUV’s engine is powerful enough. Luckily, a 3.6-liter V6 taken from the Atlas SUV provides more than enough power. This engine generates 276 horses and 266 lb-ft of torque. An 8-speed automatic transmission is in the offer, along with the 4Motion all-wheel-drive setup.

Thanks to those figures, the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas reaches from 0 to 60 mph in 8.3 seconds. As we wrote, numerous driving modes will be in the offer. SUV model is still using a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine as standard and this unit returns 238 horsepower. However, this engine is the very unlikely outcome for the pickup model.

2020 Volkswagen Atlas logo

2019 Volkswagen Atlas price and release date

While the SUV model will cost $30,000 the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas pickup truck will slot slightly above that. This model will cost around $32,000. This is just a prediction as the Atlas pickup is still a concept that will hit the markets at some point in 2019.

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